Why Study Sociology?

Sociology provides students with a variety of skills.

  • Obtain the skills that will make you a more effective member of your community.

  • Understand community problems and their connection to public issues of social structure.

  • Develop skills that will make you immediately employable in many fields.

  • Have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research that can actively change policy and influence policy makers and community leaders.

Program Objectives

The core component of the public sociology program is community engagement. Our program aims to develop the professional skills that complement the sociological imagination; skills that take into account the ability to understand how individual and group behavior is shaped by society's historical development, how personal problems are connected to public issues of social structure, and how to work with others to improve social conditions.

The program also encourages the practice of public sociology, which applies the sociological imagination to public affairs in the form of community engagement that develops citizenship skills. To align with Missouri State's public affairs mission, the sociology program develops cultural competency through examining how social categories and social systems—such as race, gender, sexuality, class, age, and citizenship status—interact to structure social action and create human diversity. Finally, it promotes ethical leadership by demonstrating how responsible citizenship is informed by issues of social justice.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science require a minor or second major. Make sure to check the Program Requirements associated with the degrees.


Pair your sociology degree with a broad background in the liberal arts.


Already have a major? Consider a sociology minor.


Pursue a deeper focus in sociology or related field.


Expand your knowledge of different cultures, people, and social issues.


Boost your job marketability by pairing you major with a sociology major.

Helping you succeed

Make a smart investment in your future. Access financial aid and friendly support.

Immersive academics

Get ready to meet your next mentor. You’ll be prepared, confident and ready for your career.