Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Immerse yourself in public sociology by conducting your own research

At Missouri State University, faculty and students participate in research to enhance the educational process. The sociology program offers every student the chance to participate in community action-based research opportunities, challenging their knowledge and skills as a public sociologist.

Undergraduate research positions

The sociology program offers competitive undergraduate research positions for qualified students in addition to offering several research-focused courses in applied public sociology. Undergraduate research pairs students with faculty to collaborate with an agency to change policy or address issues in the community. For more information or to apply, contact the Sociology program at 417-836-5640. 

Why is undergraduate research important?

  • Is an attractive option if you are planning to attend graduate school
  • Demonstrates that you have developed problem-solving skills
  • Encourages you to work independently on a difficult project
  • Teaches you firsthand that progress is often the result of considerable trial and error
  • Gives you the opportunity to present your work to others, both verbally and in writing

We involve our students in the research we provide to the community so that they may apply what they learn in the classroom to what is going on in the community in which they live. Including our students in the process gives them a strong vocational foundation into understanding non-profit and government agencies.