Three-Year Degree Plan

Three Year

Our three-year degree plans are designed with the highly motivated student in mind. Graduating in three years takes careful course planning and regular meetings with your advisor. These plans can be completed in six regular semesters and three summer semesters.

A three-year graduation plan assumes:

  • No remedial course work is required.
  • The student does not fail any classes.
  • The student does not change either the major or minor.
  • The student is willing to take classes each summer.

Also, a three-year degree plan does not take into account dual credit or transfer credit that you may bring with you upon admission to the University.

Two degree options

The sociology program offers two options for achieving your degree in sociology: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in sociology are non-comprehensive degree options, which require that you complete a minor or a second major.