Sociology Minor


Missouri State University is one of very few universities in the country to offer an emphasis in public sociology. The core component of the public sociology program is community engagement. Our program aims to make the sociology program a community resource while at the same time making the community a learning environment.

Students minoring in sociology integrate sociological skills into their course work and research as they collaborate with faculty to provide services for local organizations and to address problems and issues in the community.

Personalize your minor

A sociology minor can be personalized to meet your particular interests and complement your degree program. The sociology minor is commonly paired with the following majors:

  • Psychology
  • Political science
  • Anthropology
  • Gerontology

Minor requirements

  1. SOC 150(3), 325(3)

  2. Complete 12 additional hours in Sociology.

More information

Contact Dr. John Harms, program coordinator, or your academic advisor for further information and to choose a minor that’s right for you.