Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Students are required to deepen their understanding of public sociology by taking an active role in the community. Many of our students volunteer part-time with local organizations. By immersing our students in the community, they become better citizens and experience more enriched opportunities to learn public sociology.

Classes with specific community engagement strategies include:

  • SOC 152 Social Problems
  • SOC 319 Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 320 Political Sociology
  • SOC 398 Public Sociology and Community Studies
  • SOC 420 Inequality

The sociology faculty is committed to providing community engagement opportunities for students through:

  • Working with community agencies to provide service learning and/or internships
  • Studying a particular community issue or problem as a class project or practicum
  • Collaborating with community members and agencies and applying sociological expertise to specific problems and tasks
  • Inviting community members to speak to specific classes and/or participate in University sponsored panels

Our students have volunteered with several local organizations, including the following: