Careers and Outcomes

Careers and Outcomes

There are SO many things you can do with a degree in anthropology or sociology! But, how do you begin? Where do you start? Do you want to work for social justice? Help people? Do you like to work with children? Would you prefer to do research?

Our goal is to help you find a focus for your passion.

To help you find the job that is right for you, we developed an active list of organizations that typically hire sociology and anthropology students and graduates. These lists are not exhaustive, and will be added to over time. Note that there may not be openings within an organization at any given time, but it should not stop you from visiting the website again to see what else may be available. There may be other exciting opportunities waiting for you to consider.

Here is your TO DO list as you begin your search:

  • DO start preparing for your future today! (Don’t wait until graduation);
  • DO think about the type of work that interests you (e.g., helping people vs. doing research);
  • DO consider the kind of population you want to work with (e.g., children or older adults);
  • DO research the qualification requirements for the position that interests you in an organization; and
  • DO explore the positions and departments within that organization that works closely with your interests and qualifications;
  • DO look NOW for available internships, volunteer opportunities, or entry level positions you can do while working on your degree. It’s a great way to build your resume as well as network. Find out more by visiting: Internship Opportunities in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology;
  • DO contact an alum who works in an organization you are interested in, and/or your field of interest to learn more;
  • DO speak with the MSU Career Center, your advisor, or call the department office at 417-836-5640.

Keep in mind that the earlier you begin doing the things on this list, the more likely it is that you will be able to find work that interests you when you complete college. Don't wait! Do it now!

Jobs have been categorized into the following areas:

  • Careers in Advocacy and Social Change
  • Careers in Human Services and Non-Profit Management
  • Careers in Social Research

Please keep in mind that the organizations may have positions that are not listed on this site, and that the organization may not have any open positions at this time.

Careers in Advocacy and Social Change

Do you want to change the world?

You are not alone! Many of us go into the sociology and anthropology fields to become a force for social change. The short list below provides examples of ways to become involved in careers that promote social change. As you look through this list, there are some things you will want to consider when planning for your career:

  • Be prepared to do research in your field of interest, and a LOT of it. If your passion is racial inequality, you will need to structure your class schedules to include as many courses in race and ethnicity as you are allowed.

  • Consider a minor in diversity studies or a related field to broaden your marketability for jobs in human development.

  • To get your foot in the door, an internship is a MUST.

  • You must be willing to go where the job is: generally a larger city. Since much of social change is done through federal legislation, Washington, D.C. is a likely destination.

  • Remember, that this list isn’t comprehensive, and you should be proactive in your search for the career you want, and explore other opportunities in the places you want to live, and work.


Types of Positions*




Amnesty International

Associate Field Organizer (BA/BS & exp)

San Francisco, CA

Human rights

Coalition for the Homeless

Child Advocate, Crisis Intervention Program (BA/BS)

New York, NY

Homeless advocacy


Campaigns Associate, Poverty & Homelessness (exp)

New York, NY

Young people & social change

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

Associate Director of Communications (BA/BS & exp)


Operations Coordinator (BA/BS & exp)

New York, NY

LGBT acceptance


Frontline Street Representative (no degree required, exp)


Frontline Door Representative (no degree required, exp)


National Canvass Director (no degree required, exp)

Multiple Locations

Environmental organization

Human Rights Campaign

Faith Organizer (no degree req, exp)


Historically Black Colleges & Universities Project Manager (BA/BS & exp)

Jackson, MS

LGBT civil rights


Correspondence Coordinator (AA & exp)

Baltimore, MD

Equality, eliminating race-based discrimination

National Center for Transgender Equality

Director of Development (BA/BS & exp)

Washington DC

Transgender equality

National Organization of Women

Field Organizer (BA/BS & exp)

Washington DC

Women's rights

Sierra Club

Associate Organizing Representative (BA/BS & exp)

Seattle, WA

Environmental Organization

The Innocence Project

State Policy Advocate (BA/BS)

New York, NY

Criminal justice reform


Family Advocate (BA/BS)


Family Outreach Worker (BA/BS)

St. Louis, Mo

Eliminating racism, empowering women

*DO verify that the position is still available, and if it isn’t, DON’T stop there! Continue to check the organization and our website for new opportunities.


Careers in Human Services and Non-Profit Management

Non-profit organizations offer a wide range of jobs in sociology and anthropology. Working in this field will involve working with culturally diverse individuals to help them achieve their goals. You may also find a job in human services as a case manager, or in an administrative position such as recruiting, or as a manager of programs or facilities. Careers in Human Services and Non-Profit Management cover a wide range of fields including:

  • Criminal justice,
  • Health care,
  • Gerontology,
  • And youth services

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Jobs in the areas listed above may not require a degree or license in social work; however, the functions of the positions, in many cases, are the same.
  • An undergraduate degree may not be required to qualify for any of the positions listed, but a degree will increase your chances of securing a management position in the future!
  • Jobs in the areas listed above exist in almost any town or city in the country. The challenge for you is to identify the organizations that do the work that interests you.
  • DO look into the Go Lead! series, which provides professional training to people in this employment sector. You may qualify for a scholarship to cover some, or all, of the costs associated with the training, from the sociology and anthropology department!

Volunteering, or interning with an agency that addresses a community need while still in school is one of the best ways to determine whether or not you would like a career in the non-profit sector. For more information about organizations that offer volunteer or internship opportunities in Springfield and its surrounding communities, visit the Internship Opportunities page.

OrganizationTypes of Positions*LocationWebsite

Anne E. Casey Foundation

Program Associate, Child Welfare Strategy Group (BA/BS & exp)


Senior Associate, Race Equity & Inclusion (MA/MS & exp)

Baltimore, MD

Arc of the Ozarks

Behavioral Support Tech (HS Diploma)


Human Resources Recruiter (BA/BS & exp)


Program Manager Community Connections (BA/BS & exp)

Multiple Locations in MO

Boys & Girls Club of Springfield, Missouri

Resource Development Associate (BA/BS & exp)

Springfield, MO

Burrell Behavioral Health

Community Support Specialist (BA/BS)

Multiple Locations in MO

Community Partnership

Community Mentoring Program Coordinator (BA/BS & exp)


Supportive Service/Volunteer Coordinator (BA/BS)

Springfield, MO

Convoy of Hope

Development Administrative Assistant (BA/BS & exp)

Springfield, MO


Head of Campaigns (exp)

New York, NY


Recruitment Coordinator (HS Diploma & exp)

Springfield, MO

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Director - Corporate Affairs (BA/BS & exp)

Baltimore, MD

St. Louis Arc

Community Connections Coordinator (BA/BS)

St. Louis, MO

The Kitchen

Transitional Housing Case Manager (BA/BS)


Community Case Manager (BA/BS & exp)

Springfield, MO

*DO verify that the position is still available, and if it isn’t, DON’T stop there! Continue to check the organization and our website for new opportunities.

Careers in Social Research

Your training in sociology and anthropology makes you uniquely qualified to conduct research on human populations! These jobs typically involve:

  • Developing and/or conducting evaluations of programs,
  • Developing and/or conducting surveys or polls,
  • Trend analysis.

Strong verbal and writing skills are a MUST to effectively communicate your research findings in reports, tables and graphs.

There are many research jobs out there, and many will require relocation to larger cities like New York, Chicago, or Washington, D.C.

To be competitive for these jobs:

  • DO take and do well in methods courses,
  • DO take and do well in statistics.
  • DO participate in research projects with your professors.
  • DO apply for an internship with, and work for a research organization.
OrganizationTypes of Positions*LocationWebsite


Analyst/Project Manager (BA/BS)

Multiple Locations

Academy Health

Research Assistant I & II (BA/BS & exp)

Washington DC

American Institutes for Research (AIR)

Research Assistant (BA/BS)


Research Associate (BA/BS & 1-3 yrs. exp, plus pursuing MA/MS)

Multiple Locations

Arbitron (formerly Nielsen)

Analyst, Forecast & Activation (BA/BS, GPA, & course requirements)


Analyst (BA/BS & exp, note: Positions under this title available at entry level or higher & requirements may vary.)


Research Analyst (BA/BS)

Multiple Locations

Census Bureau

Statistician (BA/BS & course requirements)

Suitland, MD

Civis Analytics

Data Scientist - Social Sciences (MA/MS)

Chicago, IL


Data Analyst (exp)

New York, NY

Kaiser Family Foundation

Survey Research Assistant/Survey Analyst (BA/BS)

Menlo Park, CA

National Opinion Research Center (NORC)

Research Assistant (BA/BS)


Research Scientist (MA/MS or Ph.D.)


Environmental Social Science Research Assistant (MA/MS)

Chicago, IL

Opinion Dynamics

Project Analyst (BS/BA)

Waltham, MA & Oakland, CA

Pew Research Center

Research Assistant (BS/BA)


Research Associate, Politics (Ph.D./MA/MS)

Washington DC

Research for Action

Quantitative Research Associate (Ph.D.)

Philadelphia, PA

Research, Evaluation & Social Solutions, Inc. (REESSI)

Research Assistant (BS/BA)


Research Associate (MS/MA)


Research Professional (Ph.D.)

Kilmarnock, VA

The MassINC Polling Group

Research Associate (BA/BS)

Boston, MA

The Policy & Research Group

Senior Research Analyst (Ph.D.)


Junior Research Analyst (MA/MS)

New Orleans, LA

*DO verify that the position is still available, and if it isn’t, DON’T stop there! Continue to check the organization and our website for new opportunities.

Graduate education

To prepare you for continuing education at a master’s and PhD level, talk with an advisor about your options for graduate education. Get involved with student organizations, produce solid undergraduate work and secure faculty recommendations to help you succeed as you progress to the next step.

Missouri State Career Center

To help you prepare and search for jobs, the Missouri State Career Center provides a database of current openings, tips for preparing your résumé and on-campus interview opportunities. The Career Center also compiles information about what you can do with a sociology major and how to better prepare for your career as an undergraduate student.