Sociology is a great minor for fields like criminal justice, psychology, anthropology, gerontology, and political science. Many students in nursing and business minor in sociology as a way to help them prepare for a diverse workforce.

Complete your sociology minor online

The sociology minor can now be completed online. All of the required courses for the minor are available each year.

The two main courses to take in the minor are Sociology 150 (Introduction to Society) and Sociology 325 (Sociological Theory). Students must choose (4) additional courses to complete the minor.

Here is an example schedule to complete the minor in 2 years:

Semester, Year* Recommended Courses
Fall, Year 1 SOC 150 (Introduction to Society) online
Spring, Year 1 SOC 152 (Social Problems in the Community) online, SOC 325 (Sociological Theory) online**
Summer, Year 1 (1) SOC Elective (online)
Fall, Year 2 (1) SOC Electives online
Spring, Year 2 (1) SOC Elective online

* Many of these courses are available online during the summer too! Check for the availability of classes.

** SOC 325 only available in the summer of 2018 but will be offered each spring afterward.

Minor requirements


Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education (Non-Certifiable)
Bachelor of Social Work
  1. SOC 150(3), 325(3).
  2. 12 additional hours in Sociology.

More information

Contact Dr. Catherine H. Hoegeman, program coordinator, or your academic advisor for further information and to choose a minor that’s right for you.