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Our program aims to make the sociology program a community resource while at the same time making the community a learning environment.

What is public sociology?

Missouri State University is one of very few universities in the country to offer an emphasis in public sociology.

The core component of the public sociology program is community engagement. Students in our program integrate sociological skills into their course work and research as they collaborate with faculty to provide services for local organizations and to address community problems and issues.

Students will learn the skills of the sociology profession and learn how to apply those skills to benefit the community.

Why major in sociology at Missouri State?

As a sociology major you will:

  • Obtain the skills that will make you a more effective member of your community
  • Understand community problems and their connection to public issues of social structure
  • Develop skills that will make you immediately employable in many fields (See Careers and Outcomes for more information)
  • Have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research that can actively change policy and influence policy makers and community leaders

For more information on the public sociology program, view the program’s mission and goals.

Mission and Goals


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